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About Sudarsana Prayog

Sri Sudarsana Chakra is the ultimate, personal weapon of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. The Lord’s divine disc plays a central role in the functions of universal creation and maintenance. He removes darkness and evil, clearing the path to dharma, to spiritual enlightenment, and to overall auspiciousness.

If you are facing internal or external challenges in mental peace (depression, lethargy, addiction, etc.), difficulties with money, marriage, education, physical health, career, relationships, legal issues, etc. Sudarsana Prayog can remove the obstacles or at least mitigate the impediments, especially if they are caused by subtle occurrences such as curses, spells, black magic, the presence of ghosts, the effects of karmic baggage, etc.



Our goal is to offer assistance to people facing difficulties guiding them towards overcoming challenges and finding joy and contentment in their lives. We specialize in addressing issues such, as energies, spells, dark influences karmic burdens and spiritual disruptions.



We aspire to be a source of help and advice enabling individuals to bring balance and positivity into their lives by following traditional, mystical and spiritual practices. Our aim is to use proven methods customized to tackle each persons obstacles.

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