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Sudarsana Prayoga Amavasya Puja 

3 hours procedure with fire-yajna, 21 sets of mantras (Nrisimhadeva & Sudarsana mainly), the function alleviates issues in connection with physical and  mental health (detection & diagnosis) of deeper causes of the problems, blockages, etc.) the process involves invoking Naga Yaksini devata for further, individualised detection and protection. It also includes up to a month of personalised mantra-therapy for removing all sorts of obstacles (karmic & black magic) that ensures mental strength and emotional stability. 

Those who subscribe for a minimum of six months of Sudarsana Prayoga Amavasya Pujas, additionally get enrolled, at no extra cost, into at least 5 bonus monthly yajnas (fire sacrifices) such Shasti Naksatra, Chitta Naksatra, Svati Naksatra, and Purnima. Their names are entered into a special VIP book, and all of this enhances their protection, strength and progress. 

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