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  • What is the benefit of participating in Sudarsana Prayoga?
    Removing or mitigating the adversities you face in life, internally and externally, and preparing yourself for a better existence through divine intercession of the spiritual agents of Sri Sudarsana Chakra (Yaksini and her legions of guardian angels).
  • What is Sudarsana Prayoga?
    Sri Sudarsana Chakra is the ultimate, personal weapon of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. The Lord’s divine disc plays a central role in the functions of universal creation and maintenance. He removes darkness and evil, clearing the path to dharma, to spiritual enlightenment, and to overall auspiciousness. This procedure - yajna (sacrifice), puja (worship), prayoga (formulae) – held once a month on amavasya (dark moon night), invokes the Lord’s powers to remove obstacles and facilitate personal growth and overall well-being. The procedure is centered on the utterance of sacred, esoteric mantras chanted by qualified Sri Vaisnava brahmanas (consecrated priests, devotees of God) in a rite in which your name (and the name of your family members) are individually pronounced, requesting for help and blessings. After that, 28 days there will be recitation of mantras - every day - for each participant in the puja (rite). We call this "mantra therapy" because these sacred sounds invoke the well-being of the individual, interceding with the transcendental plane.
  • What’s the benefit of subscribing for multiple monthly Sudarsana Prayogas?
    It continues the work of purification and the removal of obstacles, allowing deeper levels of decontamination and renewed protection; reinforcing and perpetuating the shielding from malefic influences. The single procedure may focus on resolving a temporary situation or achieving a particular goal (an exam, a marriage difficulty, a certain ailment, etc.). Registering for an ongoing participation in the monthly procedures (for six months, one year, etc.) assures a continuing exposure to the benefits and protections from the sacred rites.
  • What are the benefits of *Sudarsana Prayog Amavasya Puja* in regards to deeper karmic diagnosis and cure?
    - Daiva Dosha refers to the family deity that may have been neglected or ancestral promises left unfulfilled, leading to obstacles for future generations. This can be identified during the Amavasya Puja and resolved if minor, or may require more extensive work if major. - Pitru Dosha relates to the lack of Shraddha rituals for ancestors, creating hindrances for individuals. This issue can also be detected and addressed. - Failure to perform Shraddha rituals and Brahminical duties can result in curses that impact future generations. - Curses, Vastu Dosha, and Ayudosha can be remedied through the Amavasya Puja, providing protection and resolving specific issues. - The Puja can also address Navagraha planetary problems and shield the family and individual from negative influences, promoting progress and harmony. - While not required on a regular basis once the problems are resolved, those seeking positive energy, harmony, peace, good health, mental strength and progress can benefit from the Amavasya Puja and witness its positive effects firsthand.
  • How do I know if I need to do this individualized, sacred Sudarsana worship (mystical procedure, puja, or sacrament)?
    If you are facing internal or external challenges in mental peace (depression, lethargy, addiction, etc.), difficulties with money, marriage, education, physical health, career, relationships, legal issues, etc. this procedure can remove the obstacles or at least mitigate the impediments, especially if they are caused by subtle occurrences such as curses, spells, black magic, the presence of ghosts, the effects of karmic baggage, etc. In any case, these sacred methodologies will purify, energize, and protect you. Just like physical exercise is beneficial even for healthy people, these practices always offer valuable psychic cleansing and spiritual blessings.
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