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Can Ghosts/Black Magic Affect Spiritual People? Why? Unveiling the Mysteries

Ghosts, often referred to as spirits of deceased individuals who have not moved on to the afterlife, are believed to linger in the earthly realm for various reasons. In spiritual traditions, ghosts are considered to be the remnants of souls who are trapped due to unfinished business, strong attachments, or unresolved emotions.

In spiritual practices, the presence of ghosts or black magic is often associated with disrupting or obstructing one's spiritual progress. It is believed that ghosts are attracted to irreligious activities and negative energies, feeding off them and perpetuating their own existence. For spiritual seekers dedicated to their path, encounters with ghosts can be seen as a hindrance to their journey towards enlightenment.

Spiritual people who are driven by material desires or attachments are believed to be more susceptible to the influence of ghosts. The craving for worldly possessions or power can lower one's spiritual defenses, making them vulnerable to negative energies. Devotees who are not fully focused on their spiritual practices may find their potency diminished by the presence of ghosts, leading to a sense of stagnation or lack of progress.

It can be understood by the analogy of driving a bike on a road. When riding a bike, wearing a helmet is crucial for safety. Just as wearing a helmet is recommended for protection, the quality of one's spiritual practice, such as japa or chanting, plays a crucial role in ensuring safety. The efficacy of chanting lies in the depth of focus and purity of intention one devotes to the practice. Just as the potency of a helmet determines the level of protection it offers; the quality of chanting determines the spiritual fortification one receives. Additionally, individuals may possess inherent spiritual powers, or shakti’s, which manifest based on their chanting capacity and spiritual evolution and their love for Lord Krishna.

It is believed that individuals with negative energies or saktis can only influence those whose spiritual potency is lower than their own. Therefore, by elevating one's chanting practice and spiritual capacity, one can shield themselves from malevolent influences. Conversely, those who dedicate themselves to rigorous spiritual disciplines may wield greater influence over individuals with lesser spiritual dedication.

It is believed that ghosts can latch onto the energy field of weak spiritual practitioners, draining them of vital life force and creating obstacles in their path. This can manifest as a decrease in focus, clarity, or inner peace, hindering one's ability to connect with higher realms.

The quality of one's chanting is believed to determine the level of spiritual protection one receives from negative influences, including ghosts and black magic. Devotees who chant with sincerity, devotion, and purity of heart are said to invoke divine energies that shield them from malevolent forces. Conversely, those who chant mechanically or without proper intent may find their spiritual defenses weakened, making them more susceptible to external influences.


In essence, the quality and depth of one's spiritual practices, particularly chanting, serve as a safeguard against negative energies and spiritual disturbances. By fostering a sincere and focused approach to spiritual endeavors, individuals can fortify themselves against external influences and cultivate a deeper connection with the divine."

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